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Обновление стоимости подписки Elementor Pro

9 февраля, 2021 $ s
Обновление стоимости подписки Elementor Pro
    Hi Aleksey,

We don’t want to distract you from making awesome websites, we just want to let you know that we are updating our Pro plans. On March 9th, 2021, we will be adding new Studio and Agency Pro subscription plans and updating the Expert plan, to best accommodate our users’ growing needs.

These changes will only apply to new purchases. If you’re on an existing active subscription plan, nothing changes for you.

Since we launched Elementor 4.5 years ago, we have evolved from a modest page builder into a comprehensive website building platform, used by our diverse community to build more than 7 million websites. As we continue to add value to the platform and scale, our new plan structure aims to grow alongside your business, meet your different needs, while upholding the same entry-level affordability.     What’s staying the same? All current users with an active Pro subscription keep the same terms for that subscription.
Personal and Plus plans are not changing in terms of price and service. They will be renamed Essential and Advanced respectively.

What’s changing? Expert plans, purchased after March 9th for $199 / year, will now support up to 25 sites.
We want to give everyone a chance to get in on the current Expert plan ($199 / year for 1,000 sites) before it is discontinued – so users who wish to purchase this plan have the opportunity to do so before March 9th – purchase here.

What’s new? Two new plans designed for bigger teams and users with a larger client base – Studio ($499 / year for 100 sites), and Agency ($999 / year for 1000 sites)
New plans will have access to VIP support (24/7 chat and team access), tailor-made, relevant content and the ability to open a profile on our Experts network.
We are continuing to make significant improvements to our Premium support (relevant to Essential, Advanced, and Expert plans) response and resolution time. This year we aim to double our support team again, as we did in 2020.     Important note for current Expert plan users! Users on the current Expert plan ($199 / year for 1,000 sites), who would like to access the Agency plan to enjoy VIP support, team access and more, will get a limited-time 50% discount when upgrading to the Agency plan (valid from March 9th until June 9th 2021). This discount will also apply on renewals as long as the account is kept active. These changes will help us to continue to offer you the best product whatever the size of your business, while ensuring that the level of service matches.

Learn more about our new subscription structure, benefits and future plans.     Tell Me More     Thank you for being a part of Elementor. Keep creating!
The Elementor Team

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